Russian Food

Russian Food

History of Russian Food Every nation has a long tradition of their own cuisine, but Russian cuisine stands out in the delicacies. It is aUnfortunately matters for Russian cooking that they are not known in the USA. Because of the economical regime of the former Soviet Union, typical Russian food recipes were kept low. The Russian cuisine consists of the national dishes: borscht, soups, pies, and sausages. สล็อตเว็บตรง

BORSCHT is the main dish of the Russian cuisine. It is traditionally made up of the borscht with potatoes, meat, cabbage, and onions, but it can also include fish, meat, and any other foods from the rest of the Americas, such as chicken, turkey, or beef. Borscht is said to have come from the Ukrainian town of Borschitza, which is now part of Poland. A typical borscht is made from a recipe that was created in the 1870s by the physician Grigory Gornin. His recipe included a soup of fat peas, milk, bay leaves, and cabbage. He called it borscht, a Ukrainian translation of the word “bone soup”. In Polish, the word for borscht is Interestingly misspelled: borscht.


Borsch: The complete article or cookbook which details the entire Russian cooking history.

Other cuisine: This is a cookbook that details other cuisines of the Russian culture. It is called Souksters. 100th anniversary of souksters will be celebrated in 2008.

VARENIKI and KACHALINI are also well-known Russian ingredients.

cheese (the most significant ingredient of Russian cuisine);

baklava (a thin crust of clay baked over a fire, similar to a biscuit);

pine nuts (the most well-known feature of Russian cuisine, and mainly eaten as a snack);

okroshka (okroshki is a traditional Russian cookie made from dumplings, flour, nuts, honey, milk, and sugar. The most famous one is the Russian pancake).

pelmeni (the meat dumplings stuffed with minced meat and rice).

The word borscht is of German origin. The Russian version is known as adapted Russian souksters. Borscht is a main course soup, which is eaten by itself or with dumplings, desserts, and meat. It is traditionally eaten with bread, butter, and lemon. Since the 18th century, borscht has been cooked with cabbage, mushrooms, pork, and beef.

BORSCHT is a traditional Russian dish made of minced meat and rice. The meat may be pork, chicken, mutton, or beef. It is seasoned with bread, salt, and pepper. Borscht is widely used in many Russian dishes, but like all Russian foods it is slowly becoming more and more popular in the USA. In the late 20th century, borscht became popular in the United States and undergone astadanese step. In the 1960s, borscht was added to the menu of the Odawa Rospoda in Branford, Connecticut, which is now a popular restaurant among Russian-Americans.

From the 1930s until recent years, borscht was prepared with soya,quran,korganina, pursena,yeresina, and other kinds of fish or even with vegetables. The dish became popular in the United States in the 1940s, when soldiers returning from WWII brought with them a taste for the spicy taste of borscht.

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